Hack your state. With sound.

iAwakePro’s cutting-edge soundtracks guide your brain into states of effortless focus, creativity, relaxation, and flow. If you need to concentrate on your work, engage with your studies, immerse yourself in a creative project, or release your stress, iAwakePro can help you get it done.

Carefully engineered. Rigorously tested.

The soundtracks of iAwakePro work with your brain’s natural tendency to synchronize with precise stimuli. Using the most effective methods available, our sound designers merge the science of brainwave entrainment with the art of composition. Every track in our catalog undergoes a rigorous and thorough testing process before we approve its release. The result: the most effective, pleasant, and enjoyable way to hack your state – any time you need to.

Work. Life. Balanced.

iAwakePro helps you focus on what matters, tune out distractions, boost your motivation, tap into your creative side, and relax at the end of the day. Our soundtracks are used by programmers, writers, analysts, designers, lawyers, students, and doctors to balance their work and their lives.

If you need an edge in productivity, a jolt of inspiration, or a serious shot of stress relief, iAwakePro is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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  • I feel awesome.

    "Then I listened to Flow (...) getting ready for work.
    Right now, I feel awesome. Focused, engaged, positive, and so on."

  • My creativity level has certainly gone up.

    "...since starting the iAwake program my creativity level has certainly gone up, I am almost coming up with new ideas after every session, it just flows!"

  • The iAwake stuff is leagues above anything I've ever come across.

    "These tracks are so dense... that it's frankly insane."

  • Calm, clear-minded productivity

    "I love the fact that I can play these all day long whilst in the business of ‘doing' . . .
    Genius! Keep up the good work and thank you so much, I wholeheartedly recommend iAwake to everyone."

  • I def feel much more clarity and energy.

    "This audio is one of my favorites. I def feel much more clarity and energy while using this technology."

  • Helps to keep my stress level in balance.

    "The audio track helps to keep my stress level in balance, no matter what situation arises. I have found it a great deal of help with the constant shifts during my work day."

  • Helped me focus while working.

    "Your product has helped me get the most out of my time while working, which I find great. Thanks."

  • Helps with intense focus and concentration.

    "I use tracks at my office to help with intense focus and concentration when needed and with anxiety when preparing for public speaking -- and generally to balance the energy in my workplace."

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Work | Life for $xx or Balance for $xx

iAwake Work|Life Plan

A plan with 10 tracks focused on attaining specific states and goals for Work and for Life.


Tracks designed to help you GSD

The Work tracks are designed to help you attain flow faster and at will. Other tracks will help with creativity and re-booting your head. Generally, theses are intense tracks that can move your mind state in 8-10 minutes. If one is not working for you – try a different track. Some will work with speakers, but all work best with headphones. Some of the tracks can be played for hours – others tracks once or twice a day.


Tracks designed to get your Life back

Life tracks are designed to help you get your life back. There are relaxation tracks and recharging tracks, so you can de-stress from work. These tracks are “softer” — not as intense as the Work tracks. They’re great for unwinding as well as preparing for that next presentation or chilling before diving into life outside of work. Some will work with speakers, but all work best with headphones.

Work Tracks

  1. Flow Best with headphones • alpha • 20 minutes
  2. Zone Speakers/headphones • 60 minutes
  3. Focus Best with headphones • alpha • 30 minutes
  4. Create Best with headphones • gamma • 20 minutes
  5. Prep II Best with headphones • alpha • 20 minutes
  6. Workout II Best with headphones • theta • 60 minutes

Life Tracks

  1. Recharge Best with headphones • alpha/theta • 30 minutes
  2. Peace Speakers/headphones • 20 minutes
  3. Peace II Best with headphones • 60 minutes
  4. High  Speakers/headphones • alpha/theta • 40 minutes
  5. Prep II Best with headphones • alpha • 20 minutes
  6. Workout II Best with headphones • theta • 60 minutes

iAwake Pro Balance Plan

4 complete programs to GSD and get your life back.
(includes all Work|Life tracks)


Flow Collection

Increase your energy & flow: getting into the “flow” will come more easily, and time spent on your tasks will be more engaging and powerful. Create flow states of relaxed attention. Experience easier recovery after work: feel less exhausted and more flexible.

Pomodoro Collection

If you use the Pomodoro – this program is designed for you. 25-minute tracks for focus and flow and cool-down tracks to keep you balanced.

Focus Collection

The Focus Collection is a full suite of tracks to help you focus during your daily tasks – while programming, studying, researching, writing, or designing. When you need to dig deep, Focus gives you the toolset to perform at your best.


Agile Collection

Agile is designed to support you through your day, with tracks to help you shift into your day, deal with afternoon slump, bliss out/chill out when leaving work, ramp down easily after your day, and ease your mind and body into the relaxed state that naturally shifts into sleep.

Meditate II Collection

These tracks are designed to deeply and enjoyably shift your neural functioning to facilitate profound, transformative meditation. Listen to the tracks while seated in a comfortable, upright position, with eyes closed. These audio matrices will do far more than simply help you to relax. They will help you learn meditation while training you to move into profound, rejuvenative states of consciousness.p.

“Consulting firm McKinsey found that if we could increase the time we spend in the flow state, overall workplace productivity would almost double. This doubling in productivity is driven by five neurochemicals — norepinephrine, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and anandamide.”