Who did we craft iAwake Pro for?

iAwake Professional is designed for working professionals who want to improve their performance. Working in a cognitively demanding job, our end-user understands that their success depends on their productivity and on the quality of work they produce.

It’s tough to stay focused on their work and to feel like they’re really getting into the “zone” and accomplishing as much as they can. Work is stressful, and the stress reduces their ability to be productive. Our professional has the skills to do their job, but they have trouble “turning it on,” reliably and sustainably when it matters.

Our end-user may work in an office or may be a part of the “gig” economy, where workloads and demands are often unforgiving. Their ability to grow professionally within their company, or attract more (or higher paying) clients to their independent gig work depends on their ability to produce at a high level. Recognizing this problem, they’re actively seeking a solution.

Aside from the pressures of work and professional growth in competitive industries, our end-user knows that they need to take better care of themselves. They’re aware that stress is killing them, but they have trouble “turning off” and relaxing, releasing that pressure and stress at the end of the day. This makes relationships with family and friends more difficult, and it’s harder to enjoy leisure activities. Our end-user is aware that the stress is ruining them, and it’s affecting their productivity and their health, but they don’t know how to escape the cycle.

Our professional lives in a connected world and has heard a lot recently about meditation and mindfulness. They understand that meditation could be helpful for them in many ways, but they don’t have a regular meditation practice yet – for a variety of reasons. It’s too time-consuming, and their day is busy enough. They’re not sure how to do it, the information out there is just too much, and it’s tough to pick a practice and start. And furthermore, they think it’s too hard and the benefits are too far away, so they put it off.

Our end-user wishes there was a simple solution – a tool that could help them improve their work and their ability to appreciate the results of that work – a way to work harder, work smarter, and feel fulfilled and relaxed at the end of the day.

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