Is iAwake Professional for you?

Let’s find out!

iAwake Pro tracks use neuroacoustic technology to help you achieve mind states that make concentration, focus, and getting into the flow easier. We also have tracks that will help you “release,” so you can de-stress and recover from hard mental efforts.

Since everyone is different (but we all rhyme!), our tracks affect different folks in different ways. And that’s cool. Just like there are lots of different ways we respond to fear, anger, or happiness, folks will respond differently to our tracks.

If you want to find flow faster or concentrate more easily, try one of the Focus, Create, or Recharge tracks on the right with an open mind. If you want to release and relax, try the Peace track.

How to test: When you’re ready to get stuff done, plug in your headphones and start one of the tracks at a comfortable volume level. Get to work – just let the tracks play in the background. If it’s distracting in the beginning, that’s okay. Just ride it out for a bit. If you get headaches or a ringing sensation, this is good: you are responding to the tech. Often the symptoms will subside as your mind gets used to the tracks. For now, stop and try a different track. Then come back later, listen with lower volume, and see how you do. Just like when you start a new exercise at the gym (you get exercise – right?) and your muscles complain, so your mind might complain initially, till it adapts to this new stimulation.

After the track ends: In 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the track, you’ll know if the track works for you. Different tracks affect different folks in different ways (heard that before?), so there’s no way to quantify what is a good result except – Did it work? Were you able to concentrate? Did you hit a flow state? Were you able to relax? If it works – great! We think you’ll be very happy using iAwake Pro. Click the green button on the right to try the full Monty for 14 days for free, and we hope you’ll continue using the tracks into the paid period.

And, if you felt nothing – that’s okay. (If you’re still curious about trying different tracks – cool – we have lots of ’em.  All tested to work with that 73% we spoke of earlier. Remember, 14 days for free!) Or maybe iAwake Pro is not for you. There are some great alternatives out there, and we’ll soon provide some links so you can try ’em.

At the end of the day, we (the iAwake Pro team) want you to have a great life: be productive and happy at work, be able to release and recover from work when it’s time, and live a healthy, balanced life. See our blog for tips on other ways to balance your life. Maybe we can help you find a tool that works for you.