Energy levels and Productivity

Natalie Houston talks about increasing productivity in terms of energy management – not time management.

The idea here is to discover your own energy cycles. And then schedule (where possible) specific tasks to your different energy states. Coding in the early morning and testing in the afternoon after a nap may work for me but not you. ‘Course, this is tough in an office environment or under a deadline but if you know your natural energy levels – you can plan better and be more productive with less effort.

Natalie mentions a quiz to help folks find their energy cycle and below two questions help illustrate a way to understand your rhythm:

  • At what time of day are you best able to process critical feedback from a supervisor or client?
  • You need to review an important document and make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors. What time would you choose if you wanted the document to be perfect?

Regardless if we’re morning folks or evening folks (I’m that boring early morning person who’s fast asleep by 10 PM), we have a natural rhythm to our days. And there’s often a battle between tasks and our natural rhythm. We certainly know when stuff has to get done – do we know when we’re best able to get it done?

Great article with sharp insights  – check it out here.