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We’ll rotate tracks every few weeks to keep it interesting.
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This 3D (holophonic) audio track shifts you to a balanced, relaxed focus when you need it for work, for study, for play.
Best with headphones • alpha • 30 minutes


Create is specifically designed to help you get into a creative state where ideas and insights flow freely. Clear your desk, plug in your headphones, and play Create to help you get into the groove faster. Also great for high information processing, increased energy, and motivation.
Best with headphones • gamma • 20 minutes


Recharge will pick you up after a bout of hard work or if you need to get ready to GSD after lunch.
Best with headphones • alpha/theta • 30 minutes

Workout I

Infuse your exercise with additional energy, purpose, and focus. When the beats kick in, start moving your body and get to work. If feeling tired or drained at the computer, put the track on to revitalize and energize your day.
Best with headphones • alpha • 26 minutes

While working

  1. Choose the track that best addresses your current need. Set it on loop if you want to hear it more than once.
  2. Optimize your environment. Put your smartphone in airplane mode, if you can, for focused work periods, to minimize distractions.
  3. Put on your headphones (or good quality earbuds). This tech operates best when used with headphones.
  4. Begin listening to the track and set the volume to a comfortable level.
  5. When the track completes, notice your mental and emotional state.


When taking a break, or meditating, you might also

  1. Sit in an upright, though relaxed position, if possible, or lie down if that works best.
  2. Set the volume to the loudest COMFORTABLE level.
  3. Close your eyes (though if you have been trained in an eye open practice, do that).
  4. What to do with your mind: just listen – or begin your interior meditation practice if you have one.



  • Hydration: Drink a glass of water prior to listening to the track and have one ready for afterwards. Neuroacoustic technologies increase blood flow to the brain, and drinking plenty of water helps your brain rid itself of waste by-products.
  • Preparation. If you have rituals such as stretching/yoga, saying a prayer, setting an intention, etc., that help focus you, do so.


Occasionally, when people first begin to use this technology, they experience some mild discomfort (mild headache, ears ringing, other physical/emotional symptoms.) This is normal and subsides as your body and mind adapts to the audio stimulation – just as when you first exercise in a way that is new for your body and your muscles let you know! Try lowering the volume, listening for shorter periods, or taking a break. The symptoms will subside quickly, then return to listening. Note: It is best not to listen to this neurotechnology for more than 2 hours/day, until you’ve learned what works best for your body/mind.