Freelance editor Heidi and her secret to productivity

Long time subscriber Heidi wrote us and kindly let us re-print. We liked her so much we reached out and made a playlist based on how she works – cool!

As much as I would like to be, I’m not someone who can get a project done unless I have a set-in-stone deadline. How cool would it be to work a bit every day on something and have it be done in a gracious and timely manner? I wouldn’t know.

Here I am trying to get a freelance editing business off the ground, on top of my regular work, and after weeks of really good excuses, I realize I have to commit to handing the edited book back to the author in just a few days or this will continue to drag on forever. I might not have had the gumption to make a short deadline for myself, except I figured that I could probably pull it off with the help of some iAwake Pro tracks … And no kidding, starting early in the morning with Fresh Start to get my brain going, followed by Perform to get into a groove, followed by Laser Focus—by this time I’m cranking along in the editing process—I find I’ve gotten more done in a half day on this project than I have in the previous several weeks put together. Thank god!