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Bring the power of cutting edge sound tech to your freelance jobs.


  • Jumpstart your focus and Flow in just 20 minutes.
  • Designed for working professionals – especially in the freelance economy.
  • Get motivated and productive whenever and where ever you work.
  • Relax, de-stress and bounce back when your work is done.


    We’ve helped thousands of folks become more focused and productive at work. And more mindful and relaxed when the workday is done.  Listen to iAwake Pro’s hand-crafted neuroacoustics to experience the shift.


    Wouldn’t you love to have Flow and Mindfulness on tap?


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What our customers are saying:
  • The Recharge audios are worthy "work companions". At times when I was feeling stuck, listening to these audios prior to working helped me find more creative solutions, and I worked more productively. I also felt more relaxed and peaceful afterward

    Renee R
  • iAwake Technologies has continued their pioneering research into brain/mind sound technology with their latest release . . . . I've been a fan of their products from the beginning, and I can say that they just keep getting better.

    Ken Wilber
  • My work demands long sustained mental focus, creativity and often involves situations that people would describe as stressful. Zone and Creative help me to perform in a peak mental state. I find that my focus, attention, and work endurance are all significantly better when using these products. The first time I used Create, I experienced heightened creativity resulting in a rapid flood of ideas, and solutions. The more I use the products, the more I enjoy them. It seems like the affects become cumulative with continued exposure.

    Michael Halbfish

The freelance economy is great. It’s also tough. But it’s great.

Finding gigs, writing gig proposals, starting gigs, finishing gigs, getting paid. Tough stuff and not for the faint of heart. We know – we’ve done it ourselves. And we want to share our tools with you.

When you get that gig, we can help with the getting-it-done part. The doing-the-job bit. Getting into the right frame of mind to excel. Staying focused. Getting into flow. It can be hard just to start up and get creative on command. To work when the cafe gets loud. When you know the laundry needs to be done. And damn, what’s for lunch!

Our tracks won’t make you a Pulitzer prize winner but we will help you get into the right state of mind so you can perform at your best. When you need it. Where you need. In whatever you do.

If you’re serious – you need to look at us. We handcraft our tracks and extensively test them. This is serious stuff when you want to get serious.

Sure – you can go the free route – there are some great background music apps – like Noisli (we really love Noisli!) but if you want to try something serious that’s designed to move your brain into a creative space. Into a mindful state. Then you need to check out our iAwake Tracks.

Check it out for 10 days.
No credit card needed
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