How we test iAwake Pro tracks

While there is some research extant about neural entrainment (brainwave or cognitive entrainment are also common terms), more needs to be done. We do know from experience that brain entrainment does influence brainwaves and that at specific frequencies, certain responses are elicited.

Pragmatist that we are, we test our tracks to see if our theory’s match real world result. All of our tracks go through beta tests. We have 3 groups of testers – 30-50 persons in each group. No, we don’t do double-blind, randomized, controlled tests. We inform beta testers what the goal of the track is – increase in focus, attaining flow, etc and let them use the track for a few weeks.

If >80% of users tell us the track delivered – we review, refine, re-test and then release the track. Neural entrainment is very dependent on the individual – so all people will not be affected to the same degree. We understand this so returns or exchanges are not a problem – we are all human, after all.