Is it cheating to jumpstart flow through neuroacoustic tracks?

Sure it is. And that’s OK. Ideally, if we’re trying to be more mindful, we follow a regime that helps us holistically attain mindfulness. Most of us meditate and practice to attain states of mindfulness. But sometimes, especially when just starting work, it’s hard. And then it’s absolutely OK to use hacks to jumpstart mindfulness. Like iAwake Pro tracks.

Most of our most loyal customers meditate already or are trying to. And they use iAwake Pro tracks to help bump them into a mindful state. They tell us that most mornings they play one track or another (Wake Up and Bright for some or even Train or Workout for others) to get them into the right mind state so they can then go on to get into flow, get more focused, get more creative – become more mindful.

Photo by Jan Krause – In the Zone