Mindfulness and productivity

Of course, we want mindfulness in our lives – or at least I do. I love being able to stay on target and focused on the job at hand. This is, of course, the end-state of a mindful life – being in the moment with no worries for the future and no regrets from the past – just complete immersion in the moment/task in hand.

Kinda like Flow actually. When I’m in Flow, I’m in my mindful state. I wish I meditated but I just don’t. I wish I could sit legs akimbo – but I can’t (for long). So I’ll settle for periods of Flow.

Not only do I get huge amounts of work done, I’m lovin’ it. I’m kinda on auto-pilot – performing at my best without stress or distraction. And when I finish that task, I feel great. I’m amazed at all I’ve miraculously accomplished and have a huge sense of satisfaction and “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

Which means when I get home, I’m really happy to see the kids running around (even as one is screaming about how the other is punching him for no reason). No problems – I can hug ’em both (much to their mutual disgust), and all is fine on earth and in heaven – because I feel fine.