Mindfulness at work is called flow

Living in the New Media Age, all of us can experience lack of focus and get distracted. Email, social media, and yes, even Bob popping by to shoot the breeze, all contribute to breaking our rhythm when we try to get things done. By allowing distractions, we are actually in resistance to the present moment so we end up unhappy and mentally exhausted during and after work. Sounds familiar?

We’re going to talk about how to move beyond the distractions and actually enjoy our work. So, stay here for a bit, don’t get distracted, and let’s discuss the phenomenon called “flow.”

I’ve never heard about it… So, what is flow?

Flow, or the zone, is the state of being fully immersed into the present moment/activity, so it ‘flows’ easily, effortlessly, and enjoyably with no need to mentally struggle with it. While experiencing flow you are so excited and full of energy that you can forget to eat (or, dare I say, pee). A genuine feeling of joy often follows the flow state. So, in addition to being highly productive and actively engaged during the activity, we feel great afterwards – like the uplift we feel following a great workout.

So, it’s like mindfulness?

Yes – mindfulness is a state of being fully aware of what is going on in the present moment – in our body, mind, and the environment. In a mindful state, we’re in the moment, with no regrets from the past and no worries about the future – just complete immersion in the present moment.

Okay, and what can I do with this?

To experience flow while working, we need to be fully mindful of our activity in the present. Being mindful at work is in fact being in flow. States of flow and mindfulness are not difficult to attain – it just takes the desire and a bit of practice to find what works for you. Meditation and yoga, doing different brain exercises, adjusting our environment, or simply by listening to the sounds (like iAwake Pro’s neuroacoustic tracks) with certain frequencies are all ways to help induce mindful/flow states. The most important element to finding your flow is having the desire.

Finding your flow and being mindful will increase your productivity at work. You’ll enjoy your work more and when you finish work – you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your life. These are iAwake Pro’s goals – to help you find that great work-life balance.