Multitasking is not your friend

Alex Taylor posts in Medium about some great tips to get your focus on. Alex comes from a programming/developer background, but his ideas work for anyone trying to knuckle down and get stuff done.

  1. Schedule your Focus Time
    Set aside specific hours on specific days where everyone is in focus mode. If you work in a company – a great goal is to have a company-wide or department-wide agreement that Tuesdays between 1300 and 1630 are Focus times. Do. Not. Disturb. And put this block of time in the company calendar.
  2. Try a Pomodoro
    25 minutes on, 5 minutes break – rinse and repeat 4 times, and then a longer break. Done. You’ve just set yourself up for 2+ hours of getting stuff done. Alex has some nice caveats to make the most of Pomodoro sessions. (Hmm. . . hey look, iAwake Pro supports Pomodoro sessions . . . who’da thunk it?)
  3. Don’t be so responsive
    If you’re using a chat app at work (like Slack), use your status to let folks know you’ll respond in, say, 25 minutes (if you’re into doing Pomodoro.) Being upfront about not responding immediately will impress everyone.
  4. Stick to your system
    Practice your stick-to-it-ness. Adjusting your system to fit the real world is one thing but work hard to stick to your system.

Check out the whole story on Alex’s article – a good read.