Objective testing of iAwake Pro

It’s hard to create performance measurements for creative work like programming. But A/B testing  is possible and here are a couple of ideas in the programming environment:

Agile  environment: Consider using your Burn Down chart. A great article from InfoQ talks deeply about burn down analysis. Compare burn down charts for individuals or teams before using iAwake Pro and after. Of course, you should compare over a few sprints to get a reasonable amount of data to examine. Scrum masters and product owners will have a good idea of what sprints are comparable.

Bug Tracking: In some development environments – simply A/B  bug tracking could be informative. 

Using Git development platform: This is a bit more complex and entails some workflow changes. One objective measurement of good code is that it does not need to be changed or deleted. Good code should be written once and not need to be de-bugged (changed) or deleted. As Git tracks code changes and deletions, we simply need to track the start of a coding period and end of coding (via a start commit  – often redundant and uncommon yes! and an end commit) with a specific comment that can be tracked after project end. 

Using tools, we can examine how much code was changed or deleted during the testing periods which will allow comparisons to the control period. 

Objectively testing quality code is hard. But not impossible.