So what about using speakers?

Some of our customers don’t want to use headphones. They’re in an office that gives them total privacy and want to use speakers if possible. I talked with the developers and what they suggested – reluctantly I might add:

The ideal set-up is with a good, comfortable pair of headphones. But if you really want to use speakers – then they have to be very good speakers with user directional abilities for best audio focusing (like music studio monitors) and then positioned properly.

“As with any listening experience, the more direct the speakers are ‘pointing’ at you, the more accurate the translation of the source. Some lower-end monitors are built to point up at the user, some are square builds, so you must elevate them to point directly at you. That may not be feasible for most office users with limited space and budgets. I use speaker stands at my ear level with foam under the speaker to reduce extraneous vibrations. Also, in a smaller closed environment like an office, subwoofers would tend to be overkill. As they replicate bass, it is the one thing that travels the farthest, as the waves are long and go through just about anything. So, no subwoofers.”