As you read this text, billions of brain cells are generating measurable electrical activity across your brain. Extensive scientific research has revealed how all our mind states (relaxation, focus, anxiety, sleep, meditation…) correspond to specific brainwave patterns. All the feelings, thoughts, and actions we engage in on a daily basis are electrochemically rooted in neuron-to-neuron communication and so reflected in our ever-changing brainwave states.

Due to the tendency of our brains to synchronize with external stimuli, it is possible to use sound to influence the amplitude of our various brainwave frequencies. For example, as you listen to an alpha brainwave track, certain areas of your brain want to quite literally follow the rhythm and get synchronized – to resonate – to the speed of alpha waves. When that happens, you might feel the calm and open focus that is associated with alpha rhythms.

Thanks to neuroplasticity (the brain’s endless and amazing capacity to change, adapt, and reorganize itself), the more frequently you enter a state, the easier you are able to go back to it. Brainwave entrainment lets your brain calm down or speed up, depending on your needs, as it resonates to the target brainwave state.


iAwake’s unique approaches to audio session design entrain our nervous system, by combining traditional entrainment methods with newer applications based on the latest research in neuroscience, neurofeedback, and transformational technologies.

iAwake’s neuroacoustic technologies may include binaural, isochronic, monaural beats, panning, harmonic layering, organic/musical entrainment effects, fractal entrainment, and much more.

And beyond the constantly evolving science is the art of creating the audio tracks, which represents a new form of sound/consciousness hacking. Our developers are also musicians and hypnotherapists who synthesize multiple disciplines to create these organic, beautiful, potent, multi-layered tracks. Then our large team of beta testers work with and provide extensive feedback on each track’s efficacy before we introduce them publicly.

The result is that iAwake audio sessions facilitate an increase in intelligence, creativity, flow, and skillfulness in practically any activity that requires the human body-mind, as well as evoking deep states of relaxation that support balance and resilience.  

About Brain Waves


Gamma: 40 Hz – 99 Hz

Enhanced self-awareness and insight
Clarity of mind

Neural Processes:
Higher integration of sensory information
Higher levels of brain organization
Deeply influences waking consciousness and perception
Found in all parts of the brain

Gamma Waves Deeply focused brain waves that support incredibly high levels of information processing, joy, and compassion. Associated with meditation practices of focused attention.

Very rapid pattern. Produces higher levels of compassion and the ability to process and analyze complex information.


Beta: 13 Hz – 39 Hz

Wide awake, focused, and alert
Sensorimotor awareness
Peak physical and mental performance

Complex mental processing
Analyzes new information rapidly
Short bursts have been used to increase cognitive functions

Beta Waves – The brain waves of deep engagement and conscious thought. Also called “multi-tasking monkey mind.” 

Prolonged beta can cause exhaustion and feelings of anxiety and discomfort.


Alpha: 8 Hz – 12 Hz

Open focus
Beginning of drowsiness
Relaxed alertness
Zen meditation

Accelerated learning
Can stimulate the release of serotonin
Also the bridge between the subconscious and the conscious – cannot remember deep experiences in theta without alpha present

Alpha Waves – The brain waves of relaxed focus, peak performance, and the ability to forgive. TM Meditation has been found to generate strong alpha.

Creates a relaxed clarity and peaceful yet focused mindset. Benefits reading, planning, and the imagination.


Theta: 4 Hz – 7.5 Hz

Hypnogogic state
Dreaming sleep
Deep meditation

Creative inspiration
Vivid imagery
Long-term memory
Out-of-body experiences

Theta Waves – The profoundly relaxed brain waves of visualization, emotional healing, and creative insight. Associated with mindfulness, open monitoring meditation practices.

Associated with accessing long-term memories and healing emotional trauma.


Delta: .5 Hz – 3.5 Hz

Formless/expansive awareness
Very deep meditation
Deep dreamless sleep

Healing and recuperation
Promotion of empathy
Immune system is strengthened

Delta Waves – The high amplitude brain rhythms of deep meditation, physical restoration, uncommon intuition, and heart-felt empathy.

Many of the benefits of brainwave entrainment technology are associated with this brainwave pattern.