Work|Life Tracks

Use the buttons to filter tracks to suit your purpose. Need to focus? Click Focus and then choose a track. Need to de-stress? Try one of the Relaxation tracks. Simple, no? Or, if you want, use one of the playlists to have an extended, guided session. 


Player Tip I: Tracks with the  symbol highlighted are fine to loop (let play over and over again). Tracks that do not have the loop icon highlighted  have more going on and until you get a feel for these tech-embedded tracks, it’s best to listen to these just once or twice a day.

Player Tip II: With this current player, it’s possible to “layer” tracks. That is, play 2 or more tracks at the same time. This is a bug – not a feature. So, please be sure to stop tracks before starting another track.


Choose what sort of task you want to accomplish (like Focus, Creativity, Wake Up or Relax, etc.)
Then choose Jumpstart or Maintain (or other filters.)
Jumpstart tracks are designed to quickly move you from one state to another. They are stronger and can be played once or twice a day.
Maintain tracks are designed to keep you in a mind state. They can be looped or played in the background over and over again.


Enhances problem-solving and lateral thinking skills.
Best with headphones • deep theta • 25 minutes


Excellent for focus, and staying alert and clear, yet relaxed. Layers of tech and sounds (including fractal, 3D & bilateral panning) make this a unique and subtly dynamic soundscape. Loop it for sustained concentration.
Speakers/headphones • Nature • 14 minutes


Relax quickly and deeply with this expansive 3D holophonic ocean wave soundtrack, infused with alpha/theta brainwave entrainment technology.
Best with headphones  • Nature • 30 minutes


Changing 3D nature soundscape infused with gamma waves facilitates a centered, alert, creative quality.
Best with headphones • Nature • 30 minutes


Chill  is the track to use when your day is done, work is finished, and you just want to chill and enjoy the rest of your evening. Great during the commute home.
Best with headphones • Nature • 20 minutes


Flow zone frequencies for creative work, staying focused for longer periods (loop it), and getting stuff done.
Speakers/headphones • Nature/Music • 25 minutes


Create is specifically designed to help you get into a creative state, where ideas and insights flow freely. Clear your desk, plug in your headphones, and get into the groove faster.
Best with headphones • Nature • 20 minutes

Creative Flow

Effortless productivity in your creative work.
Best with headphones • alpha/theta/gamma • 25 minutes


Beautiful ambient soundscape designed to invoke delta brainwaves. Good for deeply relaxing, meditation, sleep.
Best with headphones • Music • 40 minutes


Ambient space music with gamma frequencies designed to get you feeling good. “I use it to disengage, rest my mind, and recover my ability to focus. It works beautifully.”
Best with headphones • Music • 30 minutes


Developed to help deal with the dip in energy that you may experience in the early afternoon, or whenever you need to be re-energized.
Best with headphones • Nature • 20 minutes


Flow is designed to help you enter flow faster and at will. Great to listen to while working, reading, writing, on computer. Plug in your headphones and play Flow to get into the groove faster and more consistently.
Best with headphones • Nature • 20 minutes


This 3D (holophonic) audio track shifts you to a balanced, relaxed focus, when you need it for work, for study, for play.
Best with headphones • Nature • 30 minutes

Fresh Start

Prepares you for the day ahead and develops mental agility.
Best with headphones – full spectrum (gamma-delta) – 25 minutes


Slow, beautiful flute music and nature sounds combine to make a soothing, changing soundscape, ideal for relaxing or while working in chill mode.
Speakers/headphones • Nature/Music • 20 minutes


Get happy. Completely legal in all states and all countries.
Speakers/headphones • Music • 40 minutes

Laser Focus

Keeps you sharp when details matter.
Best with headphones • high beta/gamma • 25 minutes


Sweet flute and nature sounds for relaxing, for recovery from an intense work period, for chilling. Beautiful.
Speakers/headphones • Nature/Music • 20 minutes


Ocean is great for those times you need to chill. Stressful day? Bad meeting? Ocean will help you let it go, so you can move on. Very sparse ambient music – mostly Ocean.
Speakers/headphones • Nature • 60 minutes


Peace is great for those times you need to chill. Stressful day? Bad meeting? Peace’s music soundtrack will help you let it go, so you can move on. Take a break, close your eyes, and just listen. A favorite.
Speakers/headphones • Nature/Music • 20 minutes


Guides you into effortless productivity for your daily tasks.
Best with headphones • alpha/theta/gamma • 25 minutes

Power Nap

Do it – you know you need it.
Best with headphones • delta • 25 minutes


Prep gets your mind prepared by clearing it of distractions and plays frequencies that shift you to chill. Great before stressful events like a sales call or public speaking.
Best with headphones • Nature • 20 minutes


Recharge will pick you up after a bout of hard work – or if you need to get ready to GSD after lunch. Thunderstorm.
Best with headphones • Nature • 30 minutes


Use Refresh on breaks or at the end of the day for relaxation, stress release, and balance.
Best with headphones • high theta • 25 minutes


Designed to get you ready for sleep. Helps you ramp down after your day, easing your mind and body into the relaxed state that naturally shifts into sleep.
Best with headphones • Nature • 20 minutes


Infuse your exercise with additional energy, purpose, and focus. When the beats kick in, start moving your body and get to work. If feeling tired or drained at the computer, put the track on to revitalize and energize your day.
Speakers/headphones • Music • 26 minutes


A stimulating track to use in the morning, when your mind is not quite awake, to help you shift into your day with relaxed energy and focus.
Best with headphones • 20 minutes


A 60-minute track that includes a warm-up period, a speed-up period, a steady 30 minutes at 134 beats per minute to give you a challenging workout, and a 10-minute cool-down period.
Speakers/headphones • Music • 60 minutes


This 1-hour track will keep you in the zone so you can GSD. Can be played on speakers at very low volume and still be effective. Also great for mood balancing, memory, and decreasing stress. Can be looped and played for many hours.
Speakers/headphones • Nature • 60 minutes