Working Alone – Successful Solitude

Working alone can be tricky. Sure, it ‘s lovely to skip meetings that interrupt your flow or having to talk to Harry about how the Mets suck. But splendid isolation won’t by itself help you get things done if you can’t get into Flow.

Paul Jun from has some great tips and tricks to make working alone  . . . work.

Skill #1: Silencing the inner demons and going with the flow.
”Getting to this state is the goal of any creative work session. If you’ve worked in an office doing mostly reactive work, you may forget what this even feels like.”

Skill #2: The ability to face distractions head on.
“Does anyone swiftly move from start to finish like the wave of a brushstroke? Is there anyone that doesn’t face distractions. No. Rather than fighting the notion that you have to work effortlessly in order to get work done, you can soon accept the reality that deflecting distractions is part of the creative process.”

Skill #3: The ability to know when the day is done.
“When you’re clear about your boundaries, you know in your gut when the day’s work is done.”

Skill #4: The ability to find your natural habitat.
Where you work best is where you work best. One size does not fit all so you have to figure your perfect sweet spot for your perfect isolation.“When you find solitude in your natural habitat so you can become mesmerized into a state of flow, when you accept distractions as part of the process and are clear about the day’s finish line, working alone becomes an enriching catalyst for creative labor.”

Read the full (and detailed) article here.